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What kind of car do I need to get on the track?

Convertibles need to have OEM factory or aftermarket rollover protection.  Cars such as Honda S2000, BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster, late model Porsche 911, Mercedes SL, etc. are examples of cars with factory rollover protection. Note that Mazda MX5 (NC or ND) models do not have factory rollover protection. Here is a partial list.


Am I responsible for technical inspection of the vehicle?

Yes. The car must be in safe working condition and have no fluid leaks. A tow hook in front and rear is highly recommended.  Management is not responsible for damage to your car if it needs to get towed. The battery must be secure. Tires need to be in good condition. Seat belts need to be in good condition.  Aftermarket multi point harnesses must be properly installed. Four point harnesses are prohibited.

What do I need to drive as a driver?

A valid state driver's license is required. If you are 16 or 17, you need a minor waiver form signed that day in registration and have a parent present. No minors under 16. You will need a safe motorcycle or car helmet. Long pants and sleeved shirts are required. No open toed shoes. No synthetic fabrics.

Can two drivers share a car?

Absolutely. Both need to pay full price though.


I don't have a fancy car. Is that OK?

You do not need an exotic sports car to have fun.  Almost anything that is not high centered (e,g, lifted trucks) is welcome.

What should I bring?

You would want to bring sunscreen, basic tools, a chair, plenty of water and some snacks, a tire pressure gauge, zip ties and duct tape, and a small air compressor would be nice.

What is your refund policy?

You can cancel and receive a refund up to 10 days before the event, minus a $40 fee.  Most other clubs stop there.  At Tracktime, we will offer you a 50% off credit towards a future event (within 6 months of the original event) if you decide to cancel less than 10 days before the event.

Will I crash my car?

It is up to you.  Just like on the street, if you drive too fast, you could cause damage. In the event of an incident rendering your vehicle undriveable, please remain in your vehicle until help arrives. Keep your helmet and seat belts on.  

Will insurance cover my vehicle?

Body damage to cars very rarely occurs, however you are encouraged to check with your insurance company regarding coverage. Most insurance companies cover damages to your car in non-competitive, non-timed events. Be careful if they tell you that it is not covered. Agents have been wrong before. Ask them for a list of "exclusions" in YOUR policy and consult an expert. 


What are the conduct and damage rules?

You are expected to act civically and you are responsible for the conduct of your guests.  If you damage track property, you may receive a bill from the track.

Can I use my razor scooter at the track?

No, unfortunately the only modes of transportation allowed are the types that you sit in or on (e.g. car, bicycle, etc.) Segways are allowed.

Can I have passengers on track?

Yes. It is free. They need to be 18 years old or older and sign the waiver at registration to get a wrist band. Only one passenger is allowed inside the car (nobody in the back seat).

What flags will be in use and what do they mean?

We will be using a simplified version of the racing flags:

Green. Session started

Checkered. Session ended

Yellow. Waving or standing. Slow way down and be prepared to stop. No passing

Double yellow. Full course caution. No passing

Black. Come into the pits and report to the head of pitlane official

Red. Slowly come to a stop on the side of the track.

Blue. There is a faster vehicle approaching

White. There is a slow moving vehicle ahead.

Where can I get more information for track driving?

There are tons of articles but here are a few good links:

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